What is CAPS?

The Construction and Public Safety programs (CAPS) is an initiative developed collaboratively between the Victorian Government, construction contractors, heavy vehicle operators, and industry bodies.  The program aims to standardise and promote best practice for reducing risks to the public during construction activities.

Delivering construction projects safely requires a commitment to identifying and managing risks to all persons exposed to increased risk levels as a result of the project, including the public who share the road and community environments with the construction-related activities.

It is recognised that during construction activities, the introduction of heavy vehicle traffic and changes to traffic conditions in densely populated and highly pedestrianised areas has the potential to increase road safety risks to the public, in particular vulnerable road users.

In response, the Construction and Public Safety (CAPS) program has been developed, to promote and support good practice in relation to the safety of the public around construction sites and construction-related vehicles.

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CAPS includes:

CAPS was developed with the contribution and commitment of a large range of industry partners – click here to see who was involved.

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